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The Splendid Table Visits Durham’s Exotic and Delicious Locopops

Even though it is starting to cool off in Durham it isn’t too late to get a taste of fun frozen flavors from around the world at Locopops. This one-of-a-kind treat is so unique that it was featured on The Splendid Table, where the story behind these tasty pops was told and listeners learned about the owner’s passion for paletas, or Mexican popsicles. Many Locopops flavors, such as mojito and mango chile, stay true to the paletas roots and taste as though they came straight from south of the border. But the popsicle mavens at Locopops actually don’t go very far to craft their exotic flavors, in fact they strive to find most of their ingredients right here in North Carolina. Looking locally leads to other exciting flavors such as cherry apricot, chocolate rosemary, and strawberries and cream.  Summer may be gone, but it’s always a good time to wake up your taste buds with something delicious from Locopops.

Gloria & Phil Teber Your Innkeeper and Chef at the Arrowhead Inn, Durham, NC