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NY Times: Durham Local Food Rocks!

You can’t go wrong with local food in Durham, North Carolina.  Everyone agrees, even the New York Times, who recently featured our local fare in their Dining & Wine section.

For those who are not familiar with Durham’s agricultural roots, here is a little history lesson.  Up to the mid 1900s, tobacco was king.  The fertile farm lands of the Sandhills and Piedmont produced little else and Durham quickly became the central processing area for the tremendous cash crop.  Though the smell of drying tobacco is less pungent these days, the brick warehouses and Lucky Strike emblems still stand prominently around town (now refurbished as artist studios, eaterys and apartments) as reminders of our community’s past.

These days, with the decline of the once dominant tobacco market, local farmers are turning to southern vegetables to keep their family tradition alive.  Local markets and restaurants are thriving from the change and Durham is still delighting in the produce offered by the region’s farmers.

Check out the full story on Durham local produce and our can’t miss restaurants featured in the NY Times.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Enjoy Durham’s local produce for yourself by visiting the Durham Farmer’s Market, a trendy restaurant around town or by dining on a Chef Phil feast right here at the Arrowhead Inn.

Bon Appetit!

Gloria & Phil Teber
Your Innkeeper and Chef at the Arrowhead Inn, Durham, NC