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Butterfly Bash Festival at NC Museum of Life and Science

North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
Butterfly Bash Festival
Saturday, May 22
10AM to 4PM

The North Carolina Museum of Life in Science is one of Durham’s many hidden treasures.  With roots dating back to the mid 1940s, the museum has been a local staple for scientific learning and exploration for over 60 years.  Though many exhibits are designed for children, even adults of our community can’t get enough of the dinosaur, aerospace and animal encounters that you are sure to stumble upon during an afternoon visit.

One of the favorite exhibits among adults and children of all ages is the Magic Wings Butterfly House, an attraction that has quickly gained status since its opening in 2000.  On Saturday, don’t miss the chance to explore the fanciful world of butterflies at the 2010 Butterfly Bash Festival.

Explore the tropical environment of over 100 species of flowering plants and hundreds of butterflies living harmoniously together.  Walk through the majestic greenhouse as butterflies float through the air, feed on the blooming plants or rest on your shoulder.  During the festival, take the opportunity to learn even more about the magical world by talking with professional horticulturists and entomologists.  You’ll also have the chance to enjoy several hands on activities and study the transformation of the butterfly from start to finish.

Butterfly Bash entrance is free with museum admission.

The North Carolina Museum of Life and Science located on Murray Avenue in Durham, NC, just a short drive away from the Arrowhead Inn.  After perfecting your butterfly knowledge at the Bash, see what species you can find in our own blooming gardens.

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