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Alexander Calder & Contemporary Art at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art

Image Courtsey of DCVB

Contemporary artist Alexander Calder is best known as the inventor of the mobile and his work has inspired countless other works of art. Calder’s works and those he has inspired were the impetus for the exhibit Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art, now on display at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art through June 17th. The exhibits features 32 works by Calder as well as pieces by seven young artists influenced by his style, giving visitors the chance to see Calder’s work and his contemporary’s side by side.
Additional sculptures that incorporate unusual materials and found objects, similar to Calder’s style, will be at the Nasher through July 8th, in the exhibit Angels, Devils and the Electric Slide: Outsider Art from the Permanent Collection. Tickets for the exhibits are available through the Nasher Museum of Art.

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